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The Personal is Political

Animation | UK, 2020

Director: Carol Harrison

Role: Dubbing Mixer, Sound Designer

A Musical Animated Memoir set in London 1968-73.
A reflection and re-creation of the years that shaped who I am.
A time when protest and resistance were part of everyday life. What was personal - politicized when people came together to fight for their rights.
The actions of Students, the Women’s Movement, Gay Liberation, Squatters and Claimants Unions, provide a documentary framework for what are in essence personal memories, a child’s POV.
The political message is traced through the means of communication; hand drawn comics, screen- printed posters, leaflets, placards, papers, pamphlets and the underground press. They reflect the concerns of the time, relate directly to what’s going on today and feel just as relevant 50 years on.

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