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Feature |  Germany UK, 2021

Director: Kate Cragg

Role: Sound Editor & Trailer Sound Effects Editor

An ugly moment in a Berlin bar knocks Yasmina from her usual path and launches us into a series of encounters in a precarious world, beyond the neon and the billboards.

Inspired by Schnitzler’s 19th century play, Reigen (La Ronde), ATOMEN careers through the everyday lives and dilemmas of our characters, laying bare the alienation and disenfranchisement, and at the same time the longing for love and connection, even if the pursuit of this almost always fails…..

In this world, this world of late capitalism, where faith is lost, and truth is lost, and all are told to only care for themselves, how do people root themselves, find meaning, find enough hope to make life worth living – a life, as Freud said, of ordinary unhappiness, rather than extraordinary alienation?

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